There are so many cultural treasures from so many different historical ages in Sardinia that it’s almost like being in a large open-air museum. From Bronze Age Nuraghis and Roman and Byzantine excavations to romantic churches and modern museums, the island offers an abundance of enriching excursions. Some of these possibilities include:Nuraghi Complex of Su Nuraxi at Barumini
Sardinia’s largest and most significant Nuraghi complex is situated in the middle of the island at the same elevation as Oristano. One kilometre away from the small village of Barumini, Su Nuraxi serves as Sardinia’s prehistoric archaeological highlight. You can only begin to comprehend the complex’s magnanimous dimensions when you wander through its narrow alleyways. The only drawback when visiting Su Nuraxi is that you must visit it in a group; individual visits are no longer permitted.
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